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Our blog is a window into our world—a space where we share stories of resilience and the daily triumphs of our community. Whether you're a caregiver, a family member, or someone eager to understand and advocate, join us on this journey of discovery, understanding, and celebration one story at a time.

What brought me to Village Northwest Unlimited My name is Jessi and I am a Registered Nurse here at VNU and have been for 5 months. I have been a nurse for 7 years. 3 min read How I Landed Working at Village Northwest Unlimited A story of how Nate Huyser ended up at Village Northwest Unlimited. VNU Staff 9 min read Shining on Our Purpose The Shining on Our Purpose experience as told by a Village Northwest Unlimited resident. Events 1 min read Shining on Our Purpose Overview Hey, yeah you In the back of the room with those concrete shoes It's okay, to cut loose Events 3 min read Panthers Head to Spring Classic Panthers take home gold at the 2024 Spring Classic! Panthers 1 min read Christmas Spirit in Full Force VNU residents and staff are going all out this year for the holidays! Staff set up parties in the residential home and during day programming! Day Program 1 min read NAIA & Special Olympics Host Clinic NAIA and Special Olympics put on an unforgettable clinic for individuals with disabilities! Day Program 1 min read 300 Dresses Donated to Support Shining on Our Purpose Bottom Dollar Diva, a retail store based out of Primghar, IA, has donated 300 dresses to Village Northwest Unlimited. Events 2 min read Shining on Our Purpose We have officially announced the creation of, “Shining on Our Purpose.” This is exclusive event for individuals who receive services from VNU. Events 1 min read Finny Mini Farm We had an AMAZING turnout with boxed food, canned food, fresh produce, garden leftovers and cash donations $$$ spent on other supplies for the animals. Day Program 2 min read Direct Support Professional Appreciation Week To show appreciation for our staff, VNU provided breakfast in a bag along with the choice of twenty Sheldon dollars or a $20 gift card to Breu Haus for the start of start of Direct Support Professional Appreciation Week. VNU Staff 1 min read