Our Mission is Our Passion

Unlimited in our desire to provide PURPOSE, PRIVACY & DIGNITY for all people.

We believe that everyone has unique abilities and gifts that they use to contribute to society. It is our desire to provide Purpose, Privacy & Dignity for the adults we serve with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism spectrum and traumatic brain injury, so they are able to lead active lives according to their God-given talents.

Adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism or a traumatic brain injury face unique obstacles on a daily basis. Our role is to work as a team of dedicated individuals to provide opportunities in a residential and vocational setting to help each person we serve achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Our Vision

"Building successful lives through opportunities and choices."

Village Values

Christian Atmosphere

The daily activities, decisions, and all the Village is involved in will be performed according to Christ's teachings. Christ treated other with love and compassion, urging his disciples to be servants to others.

Purpose for Everyone

We recognize that each person has unique abilities and gifts that they use to contribute to society and their community. We will encourage each member of the Village family to use these abilities and gifts as they are able.


Our relationships will be built on mutual respect; a recognition and appreciation of the value of each person, a sense of pride in ourselves and others. showing consideration and courtesy to all, and expressing admiration and encouragement for others' efforts and intentions.


Each of us has the obligation to complete our responsibilities and be responsible for the quality of the results.


We will adhere to the moral principles of the Village in our pursuit of purpose, privacy, and dignity. We will not violate the trust placed in us by the people we serve.


As a Village family, we pursue a common goal. We will encourage, support and nurture each other on the path to that goal. We will utilize each person's strengths and applaud each person's accomplishments. We will work together in a participatory environment while meeting our personal commitments.


We are continually striving to improve ourselves and the services we provide, making changes when changes are beneficial, while remembering that excellence is a process, not a destination.


Dedication will be exemplified by giving ourselves, our time, and our energy to enrich the lives of others. It will be evident in our commitment, belief in what we do, and striving to be and do our best.