Day Programming

Village Northwest Unlimited offers Adult Day Habilitation Services that assist or support the individual in developing or maintaining life skills and community integration by providing opportunities and choices.

Day Programming Services

Day Programming services are geared towards enabling or enhancing an individual’s intellectual functioning, cognitive functioning, socialization, community integration, functional skill development, and behavioral management.

Areas of Adult Day Habilitation Program include:

Life Skills

Helps to increase independence, quality of life, dignity, and self-esteem by  providing stimulating educational experiences and activities.

Cyber Skills

Cyber skills  is an area that helps train individuals in computer technology. Skills taught  include typing, data entry, surfing the internet, designing labels and cards, and using a variety of learning  software.

Exercise and Sports Development

Specific exercise/wellness programs assist individuals in developing socially and physically. Through the Special Olympic program athletes participate in both district and state competition in a variety of team and individual sports.

Music Therapy

Enables individuals to reach their goals through therapeutically planned singing, songwriting, instrument playing, and dancing activities. Located in a Snoezelen equipped room, various lighting effects, textures, sounds, and smells create a multi-sensory environment. The term "Snoezelen" (pronounced /'snuz?l?(n)/) is a blend of the Dutch "snuffelen" (to snuggle, also: to sniff) and "doezelen" (to doze, to snooze).

Occupational Therapy

Assists the individual in regaining the use of upper extremities, eye-hand coordination, self-care skills (eating, bathing, dressing, and meal preparation) and other skills needed to carry out daily living and work tasks. The occupational therapy department also designs sensory programs to meet individual needs.

Physical Therapy

Focuses on teaching mobility, ambulation, posture, balance, endurance, strength, and coordination.

Speech Therapy

Strengthens conversational and communication skills, and assists in exploring and training for alternative types of communication.


Encourages individuals to express themselves creatively, through art.

Always on the go!

Our Day Programming services currently offer more than 500 different curriculums, (and counting!). At the beginning of every month residents have the opportunity to choose which curriculums they would like to take. Curriculum options include volunteer opportunities, art classes, cooking classes, sports classes and so much more!

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“We have been privileged to see the unmistakable imprint of God’s hand at work in their (our) lives through the day program and all those engaged in the mission of VNU. They are all feeling they are a part of the community and not just outsiders. The level of activity they are exposed to outside VNU while being chaperoned has been very impacting for them and exciting for us to watch. They will light up when we all go somewhere they have already experienced, telling us of their great adventure. We are so thankful for all efforts brought to bear in our adult children’s lives.”

-With grateful hearts and in Christian love, Harold and Judi Willemstyn