Village Recognizes Hy-Vee as 2015 Business Partner of the Year

Village Northwest Unlimited is pleased to announce that they have named Hy-Vee Sheldon as the 2015 Business Partner of the Year. The award was presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of Village Northwest Unlimited (VNU) held on October 22, 2015. Accepting the award on behalf of Hy-Vee was General Manager, J.J. Hesnard and Human Resource Manager, Cara Grove.

The individuals served at VNU assist Hy-Vee in a variety of ways including courtesy, kitchen, and deli positions. Hy-Vee currently employs nine individuals served by the Village, demonstrating a
tremendous commitment to the Village and a testament to the skills that Village residents offer as part of the work force.

“We truly appreciate the opportunities and coaching that the Hy-Vee organization has extended to our residents,” says Leah Timmer, VNU Community Employment Specialist. “They look forward to going to work each day because they are treated at the company as any other employee.” Timmer shares, “Hy-Vee department managers have been very quick to recognize that individuals may be ready to take on additional responsibility or try different positions in the store. This really enhances their skills and opens additional opportunities to them.”

The partnership between the Village and Hy-Vee began in 1994, when store leaders hired the first two Village residents as courtesy employees. Since then, the two organizations have worked side-by-side to encourage positive employment experiences for individuals served by the Village. This is the second time that Hy-Vee has been selected as Business Partner of the Year, the first being in 2003.