About Us

Village Northwest Unlimited provides residential, vocational and therapeutic services for individuals age 17 and over with intellectual and developmental disabilities as well as traumatic brain injuries and autism spectrum disorder.

Located in Sheldon, Iowa, the Village provides a close-knit, Christian-based atmosphere for individuals to grow and thrive.

Individuals come to the village from a variety of backgrounds, so plans and goals for each individual's growth are personalized according to need and ability. Overall, the expected outcome for those we serve is to achieve more independence vocationally and residentially at VNU through our specific programs and services.

The quality of the Village’s care has been consistently honored by the Commission for the Accreditation of Rehabilitative Facilities. Perhaps the most important contributor to this quality is the VNU staff of direct support professionals. With caring hearts and professional expertise, our staff is dedicated to the resident’s progress, ensuring their growth and development for richer, more fulfilling lives. Hundreds of grateful families and residents have benefited from our mission of purpose, privacy and dignity for all people.

A compassionate legacy impacts us all

The Village does more than give meaning and a voice to its residents:

  • VNU is one of northwest Iowa’s largest employers with a staff of 339.
  • VNU serves 182 residents from across the U.S.
  • VNU benefits from the help of 153 willing volunteers.
  • VNU’s payroll and benefits stimulate the local economy by $10.7 million.