I go to thirteen other agencies, and there is no comparison on the service (VNU) provides. It far exceeds what the others offer. I can't believe how much variety individuals are offered regarding work tasks and opportunities to work in the community.  Belinda Micklesson, Case Manager

My sister (LaDel) called me last night and was so excited. She said, "I've never been fishing in my whole life and I caught a fish!!" Every time I talk to her she's so excited about something that happened, it just fills my heart with so much joy. To see her happy now and how much she has improved just fills me with joy! Thanks to all of you that provide such a wonderful place for people like LaDel. They can have a sense of purpose and actually enjoy life!!! What an awesome thing!  LaDonna Way Guardian of LaDel, resident

People ask me why I would ever want to work at the Village after having a great career in secondary education. I tell them that I love the challenge of working with consumers who are challenged in different ways than I have ever known. Now, I learn every day from the staff and consumers and celebrate another part of God's creation and love for His people. I know that I grow every day that I work at the Village. Glenn Schaap, Staff

My dad said he spent several hours getting a tour of some of the services the Village provided and it had literally restored his 'faith in humanity'. He said that each person was doing some type of work according to their ability. Some only with the use of one hand, were putting a rubber stopper on the end of an eye dropper. Another group was working together to put welding rods in a tube. It's not the most efficient way to get the job done, but it is the most human. Pastor Tricia Jorgenson (her dad delivered shoes for Soles4Souls for her congregation)

To all at the Village: Thank you for who you are and what you stand for.May you continue to give purpose, privacy and dignity to all you serve. The Village has had a huge impact on our family and who we have become! Thank you for serving Wendy, challenging her and helping her live life with joy!  Phil & Kathy Dykstra, parents of Wendy, former VNU resident

The day Cody moved to VNU was the single most important event in our lives.  Cody felt right at home when he arrived, and now he has developed in almost all aspects of his life. What the Village provides for him is the essence of his life, and   knowing that he is living in an environment that nurtures him and provides such exceptional care is everything we could possibly hope for.  Jay and Melissa Decker, parents of Cody, VNU resident

After considering other options, we realized that VNU was by far the best choice to meet Scott's special needs. The employees are his family, role models and closest  friends, and because of their commitment we've seen Scott's consistent growth in maturity, independence and relationships with others. We cannot imagine a better living situation for our son. We will always be grateful to the Village for providing the feelings of relief, satisfaction and joy that come when you see that your child is thriving. Dr. Mark and Susan Wheeler, parents of Scott, VNU resident