Empathy Stations

What Are Empathy Stations? The empathy stations are presentations of facts and statistics about causes of brain injury. Information is shared about preventative measures (ex: wearing seat belts, bike helmets, and drinking & driving). 

The presenter will share vital information about different individuals that have received brain injury services from Village Northwest Unlimited, and tell how their lives will be changed forever. 

After the verbal presentation, the group will participate in some hands-on activities that simulate different deficits that people will be challenged with for the rest of their lives after receiving a brain injury. 

Facts About Brain Injury…

A head injury occurs in the United States once every 15 seconds, in the State of Iowa one occurs every 20 minutes. It is the leading cause of death and disability of people under the age of 34 in our country. 

Most incidents are the result of motor vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, or falls. Alcohol plays a large part in head injuries. 

Fifty percent of all head injuries are alcohol related, occurring when a person’s blood alcohol content is .10 or higher and they are considered legally drunk. Another 20% of head injuries occur when someone has been drinking but not necessarily legally drunk. 

More men than women sustain head injuries because men engage in more risk taking types of activities, like riding motorcycle without a helmet, driving drunk, or working in areas like construction.